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Events & Activities

The Autism Society of Alaska sponsors events in many cities across the state.  Please click on the city below for more information.

                                    Fairbanks                                          Anchorage


Up & Coming Events

We continue to work to bring more events, information and support to our state.  We are currently working on workshops statewide with the Safe & Sound Campaign created by the Autism Society.  We are continually looking for speakers that will bring value to our state.  Please fee free to contact us with any ideas or suggestions you may have for our state.

Board Meetings

We meet monthly with the date and time announced each month. 

2014 Meetings:

January 9, 2014

Please email the chapter for information on our next meeting.

Annual Membership Meeting

Annual Meeting is held prior to the Board Meeting in October of each year.  For more information please email us.

University of Washington Autism Lecture Series

The University of Washington Autism Lecture Series is not currently being held in Fairbanks but the Autism Society of Alaska is working to get these lectures back.  Stay tuned!














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