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Quality of Life Goals

The Autism Society’s vision is to increase the quality of life of everyone living with autism. When we say “quality of life,” we’re talking about basic human rights that allow people to interact with one another and the world on their own terms. Quality of life indicators such as the ability to communicate, the freedom to choose a career and opportunities for community involvement are essential aspects of the human experience, and we promote treatments, accommodations and acceptance with them in mind. The goals guide everything we do at the Autism Society of Alaska. 

The Autism Society of Alaska is committed to supporting these ideals

Respect and Dignity People with  autism should feel respected by  those  around them

Inclusion People with autism  should  be welcomed to participate  actively in  their schools, workplaces  and  communities

Communication People with autism  should be able to express themselves  and interact with others in a meaningful  way

Health and Well-being People with autism should feel and be well physically and have access to the services they need to stay healthy

Safety People with autism should feel secure and be able to get help from their communities, law enforcement and others as needed

Academic Success People with autism should have the opportunity to participate in school to their fullest capability and learn in an environment and manner that enables them to succeed

Social Connections People with autism should have friends and supporters as well  as  ties to their communities
Independent Living People with autism  have the right to lead their own lives, and  they should also have support if they need  help  caring for themselves 

Meaningful Employment with Fair  WagesPeople with autism should have  the opportunity to do work that contributes  to their communities, and should  receive compensation befitting their positions

Financial Stability People with autism should be able to afford the things and services they need

Recreation and Leisure People with autism should be able to pursue their interests and spend their free time in a meaningful way

Subjective Well-Being People with autism should feel happy and enjoy life

Self-Identity and Acceptance People with autism should understand and appreciate themselves, and feel understood and valued by others

Autonomy and Self-Sufficiency People with autism have the right to make their own decisions

Pursuit of Dreams People with autism should feel empowered to achieve their aspirations!