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Resources | Fairbanks

Agencies or Organizations

Fairbanks Resource Agency - 907.456.8901

Resource Center for Parents and Children - 907.456.2866

FNSB Adaptive Recreation Program - 907.459.1070

ACCA - 907.456.4003

Access Alaska - 907.479.7940

University of Alaska School of Education - Special Education Program  907-474-5362 - Parent Support Group and Play Date

Therapy/Psycological Services

Elaine Ponchionnie, ANP and Play Therapy - 907-455-7801

Kevin Lankford, MA -907-456-1620 

Building Blocks Pediatric Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy - 907-374-4911

Talkabout, Inc., Pediatric Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy - 907-452-4517

Step-In Autism Services -  907.374.7001

Resources | Anchorage and The Valley

Special Education Service Agency & Alaska Autism Resource Center

State of Alaska

Governor's Council on Disabilities & Special Education

If you or your child is currently on the DD waitlist for an MRDD waiver through the State of Alaska Senior and Disability Services you can request grant money to assist you or your child with the purchase of equipment.  The application is available here.

University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Education

University of Alaska Anchorage Center for Human Development

Resources | State Wide


Family Life  - Chiropractor and Massage 907.373.4325

Dr. Adam Grove - DAN! Doctor and Naturopath 907.561.2330

Behavior Matters LLC - ABA Provider

Anchorage Gluten Free Support Group

The Arc of Anchorage 

Stone Soup Group

More Resources?

Do you have resources you would like to share in your area.  Please Email the chapter with the resource information or web link and we will review it for posting.  Thank you for helping us reach as many Alaskan's as possible.

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