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Statewide Presence

Who we Serve: We serve all who are affected by autism across Alaska. 

Statewide Coverage: The Autism Society of Alaska Golden Heart Chapter is the only Autism Society Affiliate in the State of Alaska. We are located in the City of Fairbanks and consider the Golden Heart City as the Statewide hub for coverage due to our office and Executive Director location. From Fairbanks we serve the defined outlying areas: Anchorage, Soldotna/Kenai, The Valley (Palmer/Wasilla), Juneau, Valdez, and outlying Villages. 

Statewide Programs Supported: Statewide programs are defined as information and referral support locally and nationally, online streaming of events held in Fairbanks, Statewide Conferences and our Statewide distributed newsletter. We also collaborate with Statewide agencies and service providers in areas that align with our quality of life goalsAny additional programs will be negotiated with a services and program contract and budget with the executive board.